Our Story


It all started when…

Some of my best friends encouraged me to sell the earrings I made for them for Christmas in 2016. I had always desired to do something creative and have an artistic outlet so I decided to take a risk, put myself out there and go for it! I am so glad that I did. 

Throughout college and during my masters program to become a nurse practitioner my mom had always encouraged me to find a creative outlet! She is an amazing artist and has always encouraged me to find a way to release anxiety and stress and work with my creative side. I took a jewelry making class with my sister in Austin one year during my masters program and I never thought that years later I would be designing and making my own earrings. 

Why leather? The first pair I made for friends a few years ago were leather and I decided this is the material I was going to experiment with. I have ventured out and now I incorporate leather with other materials such as 14 k gold findings, acrylic, and brass. Leather is a very versatile material and can be paired with many other materials to make unique earrings.  

I hope by taking a risk and putting myself out there for others to see my creative side, others will be encouraged to be themselves and will know that going for your dreams or doing something creative is possible!! Thanks for all your love and support along the way!

Merrill Wood